Why Osiris?

12 June, 2019

Here are Osiris, we find the strengths in the system and build on them using proven approaches to achieve impact where it matters the most. All to improve the life chances of learners.

When the large consultancy groups landed in UK education about 30 years ago, they bred fear and accountability into the system. Their model of ‘land and expand’ is born out of creating suspicion. For eager ministers, these management consultancies offer data, certainty, proof of action and electability. A vision of a greater tomorrow born on eliminating weakness and past mistakes.

Unfortunately, this process comes at a massive human cost – with the fear they instil, comes the loss of trust, the breakdown of relationships and a focus on mechanistic, empty procedures to avoid culpability.

It’s only when you look outside of the English education system that you realise how evil this has become. Take Ireland for example – through a massive recession, insufficient resourcing of schools and so called traditional methods, they are a system united and ahead of PISA. Take the US – the country where the model was born. Continual underperformance led to resources pumped into it. And Canada – a rejection of political interference across Ontario – unrivaled growth.

Osiris is based on identifying and building on strengths and looks at the positive and collaborating around a coalition of the willing. It’s about doing what’s right, no matter how unpopular it may seem in the outset and seeking the counterintuitive and matching it to evidence.

We see four ways forward, and causes for optimism:

  • Pedagogy: we now know far more about what works and how it works. We need to understand how to scale it in combinations and accelerate the focus on how students learn.
  • Expertise: by esteeming teacher expertise through an unrelenting focus on knowing the impact, the profession can improve within the system. If you keep the focus on narrow measures and fault finding, we will breed defensiveness and inertia.
  • Collective: recognise that the great advancements in humanity have come from the power of the many working together, sharing and making the heavy lifts lighter. Not through command and control but through relationships, trust and co-construction. Collective efficacy is now recognised as the highest impact.
  • Go slow to go fast: whilst speed and reactivity are to be valued in a time limited race, education is more of a marathon. The more we listen, reflect, understand others theories of action, the more we make the smart moves. Reflexivity should be the watchword. Improvement by stealth and efficacy. It is improvement we seek, not change for the sake of it.

So what is different about Osiris?

1 Fidelity

Get to the source and there you find pedagogy in its purest form. Drink only the true elixir and growth of the spirit, and mind will follow. Engage the passion and heart to create the energy. Stay the course required, not too fast and not too slow, and implementation will be successful.

2 Expertise

Seek out the best people and only work with them. From leading world professors to expert practitioners, you will find them with Osiris.

Ensure they understand pedagogy, activation and inclusion. Make sure they can model that of which they speak, can scaffold even the most complex of ideas. Challenge at every stage where and when it’s necessary. And ensure impact is the outcome of investment.

3 Weave

Find consistency along the path. Weave together the strands of change with the finest people friendly threads. Ensure all parts talk to all parts. Align external imperatives with internal voice. Create clarity of strategic movement. Buffer where we predict overload. Bring results that exceed expectations time and time again.

4 Impact

How do we measure impact? Measure the work we do at every stage. Ensure traction from the very start. Bring everyone onboard. Back loop where necessary. Ensure that when you work with us the outcome will always be to improve the life chances of the learners.

5 Deep satisfaction

Ensure the ‘ah-ha’ moments lead to sustainable improvement. Not just change because it’s new. Ensure that the teachers are participating, the consultants leading and the children benefiting enjoy the struggle.

6 Evidence-based

Take seriously the use of the evidence base in three ways. Only employ high probability research-based strategies. Build internal evidence of impact to ensure sustainability and knowledge of impact. Use proven implementation methods, constantly monitored, to ensure efficiency of process.

7 Uplift

We recognise that fundamentals have to be in place to illicit improvement. Technical skill, relationships, conceptual understanding, implementation process and trust. We build these as we go. Not by accident, but by design.

8 Make fertile the fields 

And when we leave, you will find yourself in an elevated position. With staff morale improved, focus sharpened, pupil engagement enhanced and leadership with clear direction of travel. In short, a sustainable improvement will have taken place.

9 Share

By working across groups of schools, we build collective efficacy across the organisation or network. This builds long term capacity and capability. Those sharing processes build openness and allow 2 + 2 = 6.

10 Deep Dive

Often school’s are not quite sure where to focus energies or how to plot the journey. When you are in the forest it’s hard to see the wood and the trees. We understand context, mine objective information and help co-plot your journey

Osiris Educational is the UK’s leading independent training provider for teachers.

We work at the forefront of innovation in education providing pioneering, challenging and effective training solutions in teaching. We use the best and most renowned trainers to help teachers improve their ways of thinking and approaches to teaching.

To find out more about Osiris Educational, please contact: or call 01790 755 787

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