Coronavirus – update for our customers

17 March, 2020

Our best wishes go out to you all in this most troubling of times. To your schools, the children in your care, your staff and all your families.

Osiris are here to continue to support your development needs and will do our utmost to deliver as normal a service as possible. Our team will be available to support your needs and make adjustments to delivery as and when this is necessary. Please do not hesitate to call.

On a practical note, following yesterday’s advice, it is no longer possible to run scheduled public events for the time being.  We will therefore postpone all scheduled events for the rest of the spring and summer terms into the autumn term. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

We realise this may have financial ramifications for all parties and will sort these as the advice becomes clearer. In most cases it is possible to cancel or postpone travel and accommodation arrangements and we urge you to do so. You need take no action at this time (you have plenty else to occupy your time with) we will be in touch at a calmer future date to confirm arrangements with you.

We are also investigating ways to deliver materials digitally and have some exciting products coming together. Our recent exclusive partnership with the Guide platform has enabled this to happen. More announcements will follow as materials become available.

We all know that education is a marathon rather than a sprint and we are here with you for the long run. As with all challenges, this time will pass, and we will all be able to resume the important role we all play in improving the life chances of those in our care.

Our thoughts and wishes are with you all

Stephen Cox

CEO Osiris Educational

0 thoughts on “Coronavirus – update for our customers

  • Sharon Hayward says:

    Good MOrning

    I was pleased to sign up to the webinar a week past Friday -Covid 19, Uncertainty, Home schooling and staged return. I listened but was interrupted. I have tried to access the recorded webinar this morning to take more detailed notes and as you know the webinar is no longer available. Would it be at all possible to access it still as it relates very closely to the work I am currently engaged with.

    Best Wishes

    Sharon Hayward

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