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5 January, 2021

Teaching online Osiris Educational

2021 is not going to be what we hoped for. As Optimistic as we all may be, there are still tough times ahead for the education sector. Plans for learning have changed quite suddenly, allowing little time for reconsideration and organisation. Virtual online teaching is now an ability required to keep the young minds ticking through this pandemic. Whilst other sectors remain supported, education (although promised to be at the forefront) has taken a considerable hit.

Online teaching platforms are needed now more than ever. Teachers are coming together to prepare students for the year ahead but being limited to their homes is hard and stressful.

We want to offer our support and a bright shining light of positivity, with a few tips to keep you sane and successful.

Our top tips for teaching online


Technology much like your students can direct you away from your lesson goal, patience is key when using an online learning space. When all else fails having pre-recorded content could save you from an internet drop. Emailing your content across will keep you interacting with your students when you’re not able to see them live on screen.

Check on your colleagues

Mental health is a crucial factor during these difficult times. Teachers are supporting their students, but is anyone supporting teachers? Check in, show you care, keep moving forward together.

Small but successful

Making the jump to virtual learning in such a short space of time is daunting for most. Those who are not tech savvy may struggle with the changes, make small adjustments to help the process.

Department Heads – Hold online training for your colleagues to ensure they are using programs beneficial to them. PowerPoint collaborative space, interactive live annotations, online visuals.

Teachers, remember to keep a personal touch. Even though you’re not physically in front of your students, the way you teach shouldn’t suffer. Continue to use student’s names, keep your passion for learning high, only talk to interact! Letting your students know every step you take when you set up your lesson space will only cause zoning out.

Keep discussing

Being in front of the class won’t be brand new but implementing group work and discussions without the ability to walk round checking on your student’s will be. Discussions still work!

Depending on your learning platform you may even have the ability to choose who discusses and when, which students in which pairs. You can even get the students to teach each other! This is a great way to assess how they’re retaining information and keep everyone engaged.

Reliable techniques with a twist.

Short and Sweet

Testing knowledge is a key and beneficial exercise. Mock tests and past papers, it’s hard to complete these with your students online. Instead create mini tests throughout your lessons. A few quick questions to keep your students engaged. This can help you create an active and fun learning space whilst keeping tabs on your students learning.

With all the uncertainty we are going to face in the next few days, there’s lots to prepare for. Virtual teaching is now the new normal and grasping the best techniques to create a successful learning space will make this year just that little bit easier. To find out more about how you can implement teaching models and for more advice on teaching online, head over to our website.

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