5 essential CPD solutions during the pandemic

14 January, 2021

5 essential CPD solutions during the pandemic

The tightening of lockdown restrictions during the pandemic have placed school leaders and teachers under immense strain. The training courses that were booked in for the year, are now postponed or scrapped completely. Leaving teachers to tackle remote learning, with little advice and training.

People go into teaching because of their passion for learning. Teachers become experts in controlling the environment to maximise learning. Teaching remotely brings a lot of challenges. Staff development hasn’t been a priority. When now, it is needed more than ever.

But there is no point is harking on about what is so difficult during the pandemic when there is a solution. Here are 5 ways we can help you!

1. Free Webinars to develop CPD

We offer FREE webinars from some of the biggest names in education including: John Hattie, Michael Fullan, John West Burnham, Mark Burns and Doug Fisher.

Click here to watch on demand.

2. The World Education Summit

250 of the biggest names in education brought right to your screen. The 4-day live event will be your guide to the best training available.

Each ticket gets you access to:

  • All four days of the Summit
  • One-year of professional learning on demand
  • Over 100 hours of unpacked content and activities
  • Networking opportunities
  • Interaction with keynote speakers

3. Pandemic proof INSET learning

Whatever you need, we have got it covered, with our unrivalled team of experts.

5 most popular INSETs are:
  • Remote Learning
  • Assessment in the digital age
  • Blended Learning
  • Assuring the quality of virtual teaching
  • Leading with Excellence

4. Free Training Needs Analysis

We offer a 1-hour FREE needs analysis conducted by our in-house experts. This helps you explore what is possible and ensures that your school receives the programme most beneficial to them.

The Strategic Review

Expert consultants test your strategies and ensure you are leveraging the best process and practice to achieve the best improvement. Whether the focus is on quality of teaching, pandemic proof processes, producing expert learning or leadership capacity, our experts can bring rigour and leverage to your improvement plans.

If you would like to talk to one of our advisors click here.

5. Remote Visible Learning Plus programme

John Hattie’s Visible Learning is the ultimate school improvement programme. Built on his seminal research, it helps you develop high impact learning across your school.

This three-year programme pulls together all the complex parts of your school system, builds leadership capacity around impact on learning and measures as it goes to secure improvement. NEW for 2021 Visible Learning can now be delivered virtually or live.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made adjustments, and not necessarily for the worse. The times might be tough, but many companies have switched to online work mode, there are lots of remote opportunities for teachers as well. Finding a new job online has been never so easy.

To find out how to future proof your organisation around learning click here or call us on 01790 753 987

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