The education learning curve: How can we improve?

21 January, 2021

How can we improve

It’s exciting, looking into the future. Halted all our plans may be, we’re constantly urged to stay positive, keep moving forward and improve on ourselves. But how can we improve if we don’t look back?

2020 will be a year for the history books and there doesn’t seem to be an awful lot we’d like to take with us into 2021. That being said, we can always learn from our past mistakes and triumphs. Especially when we consider the learning curve we’ve been presented with, both in normal circumstances and academically.

Education has taken an incredible hit, with last year’s up and downs spilling over. What we know however, is that the resilience and pure heart from teachers all over the world is outstanding. True comradery shown amongst innovators, leaders, and education professionals. The end result being, to keep the children learning.

From what we understand here at Osiris, is that although remote learning can be stressful. The access to information the virtual world has unleased will forever be applauded. Perhaps pushed on us earlier than we would have liked. The move to online learning only creates a closer community. An easier way to access what we need and the ability to connect with education professionals all over the globe.

With the hope and positivity, we are all spreading this year already, there is always a benefit from looking back and taking the best out of the worst. Below we have put together some things to carry on this year:

Put learning first

The way we learn is one of the main factors to consider when planning how we teach. The specific ways our students interact, teach us the best way they learn. In turn, providing us with a cheat sheet for a successful lesson. John Hattie is one amongst many that advocates for learning being the centre of everything we do. He explains how ‘Putting Learning First and Centre’ is above all.

Click here to view our webinar with John Hattie.

Continue to improve

With the colossal loss of jobs and a very bleak end of year, there were those of us who rose to the occasion and managed to create a business out of a hobby, restart the book we never finished and showcase a talent no one knew we had! No matter the subject, the continued self-improvement was lovely to see. There is no harm is continuing to learn more and Leon Hady tells us that we should still continue to build our teams despite COVID-19. Training and qualifications will forever be well received. Something we should all try to continue through this year.

Click here to view our Webinar with Leon Hady

Connect globally

If being confined to our homes has taught us anything, it’s that we are not easily defeated! We took to the internet and we still continued to network. Now, we are more socially informed than ever before. Improving our online skills and ability to connect with those much further away has become just that bit easier. There’s no excuse for not taking this with us in 2021. Here at Osiris, we believe in connecting globally so much that we’ve put together a World Education Summit. Education professionals from all over the globe, coming together to talk about how important education is.

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We hope that you will continue to join us on this journey, bringing people together in education.

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