The Learning Survey – Improve learning in your school

22 April, 2021

The Learning Survey

Professor John Hattie, Stephen Cox and Anne-Marie Duguid invite you to be part of the first and largest student survey that focuses purely on learning. The global survey is launching on the 17th May costing absolutely nothing for you and your school.

What is it and why do I need it?

It is the very first world-wide survey. With the creators and Trust Leaders coming together to shift the narrative from financial and functional burdens back to learning.

And the why?

Why do we need to change the educational system?

We must come together to refocus on pure student learning. Working through COVID has raised the need for such a survey even more, with developing learners and how we work together becoming crucial.

Tell me more

To be included, register your interest here before the 9th of May 2021. You will then be sent the survey link for your students to complete. It won’t take long at all!

You will get a school level report against the 36 questions which are in 3 categories:

  • High expectations
  • Learner agency about learning
  • Learning Climate

After you will receive the global learning survey report so you can compare your school with feedback from across the World!

It is time to trust our profession to make the right judgements about the right things. 

What we think is a positive climate and good learning, may not be shared by our students. This a chance to collectively come together globally and define learning.

No matter how small a school you are. Wherever you are in the World. Your students have an informed voice and matter.

Imagine the impact.

We can find out what students around the world are saying about learning.

Let’s hear what they’re saying.

Let’s make 2021 the year of learning.

Join The Learning Survey here

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