WES: What did you learn?

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WES: What did you learn?

There aren’t enough words to describe the amazing experience we all felt at the World Education Summit. From interacting with world-renowned educationalists from across the globe to learning new skills, ways to improve teaching and feeling motivated.

When the idea of the Summit was first posed by co-creators Stephen Cox and Anne-Marie Duguid, the extent to which thousands would learn was a hope. Those who: attended, spoke, hosted and worked tirelessly to make the summit happen, showing the true comradery education has. We all want to learn, do better and strive for greatness. 

We asked some of our hosts what they learned from WES 2021 and here is what they said: 

Anne-Marie Duguid

“That it is possible to redefine professional learning and development at scale whilst still keeping it personal, connecting cultures, educationalists, schools, and teachers globally with learning at the centre and the passion to continue to make an impact. And … that we have created something special with WES and that is thanks to all who made it happen.”

Jacob Hobbins 

“I learned of the passion that every person in the profession has for improving learning, from the world’s most famous educationalists, down to the newest teaching assistants”.

Carmel Bones

“Relational Trust is the ‘connective tissue’ that binds individuals together to advance the education and welfare of students. I learned from Debra Masters about how to go about measuring it in your school and we should learn about mental health and wellbeing from those who are well not just from those who are unwell.”

Will Ord

“How we educate young people has to change to meet their needs and the needs of the 21st Century much more creatively and effectively. To Broaden the scope of what we assess, appreciate that wellbeing and learning are necessary partners and explore ways to develop ’soft skills.  It’s high time that schools were liberated from the tyranny of having to chase academic grades so much.”    

Dr Debra Kidd

“I think I learned that the world is a big place with lots of ideas in it, but that the one thing that united us was a call for putting children at the heart of what we do and creating education systems that are humane and kind.”

Alys Finch 

“Brave leadership is about being led by, and showing through our leadership, what is right, excellent education for our children, staff, and communities.  It’s about being driven first, foremost, and last by a true belief in the transformative power of education.”

Martin Morgan 

‘Show the Goal! Every single person is part of the system.’ From the session with Modern, Gunjan and Sanya. Referencing that everyone is role modelling from the top people in the state to the teachers in the classroom. ‘Micro-aggressions cause harm’ from Hannah Wilson’s session referencing how throwaway remarks can damage people.

Dr Fiona Aubrey – Smith

“WES has been absolutely phenomenal, global big thinkers sharing the latest research and insights, leading schools worldwide living out these findings in practice, all focused on what matters most – children’s learning. WES facilitated one big professional conversation with colleagues worldwide – bringing together research, practice and professional conversation. I learned so much, from so many people, in such a short space of time. I can’t wait for 2022!”

Andy Griffith

“It was great to interact with so many passionate, expert educators from around the world who are striving for excellence with the children and young people that they teach or lead. I was also really impressed with the quality of the research on the show and how it can be put to practical use to enhance the quality of the education experience.”

Amazing comments from our hosts about the World Education Summit this year. We can only improve, become bigger and better for next year’s Summit! Make sure you are present for learning, love and legacy on 21st-24th of March 2022.

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