Assessment Conference 2019

  • Cut your assessment data in half

  • Ofsted, assessment and data in 2019

  • Assessment updates: the best-practice guide

  • Low-prep, high-impact assessment solutions

  • Design the perfect assessment system

  • Turn assessment into a powerful learning event

Best-practice ways to improve evidence, workload and impact through quality assessment and clear data across your school.


Proven strategies to effectively measure progress

Fact vs fiction: what Ofsted actually wants to see

What research tells us about collectively improving:

  • Curriculum

  • Pedagogy

  • Assessment


Why verbal feedback is more effective than written

Prioritise what we think Ofsted wants, compared to what inspectors actually want to see

Low preparation techniques without compromising on quality and impact


Are standardised assessments right for your school?

Effective implementation strategies

Expert ways to support learning and measure progress