Excellence in Teaching Conference 2019

A Model for Teaching Excellence

Expert ways to achieve teaching excellence

  • Practical toolkit and free framework to build teacher excellence

  • Complete leaders' guide to becoming an expert at improving teaching

  • Scottish case studies: schools sharing their journey to excellence

  • How to overcome the three big blocks to teacher improvement

  • Practical sessions to embed great practice 

‘The differences within schools are greater than the differences between schools’ – Professor John Hattie. Find out why we need to be better learners. Discover how your school can be a fertile place for adult learning.

Discover techniques to:

  • Reduce the variance of teaching within schools and across clusters

  • Understand the three barriers to teachers being higher performers:

    • Cognitive overload

    • Low relational trust

    • Perception gaps

Crystal-clear clarity

Help leaders and teachers to be clear about:

  • What education is for

  • Your school’s aims and vision

  • The pedagogy that has the biggest impact on children and young people

  • The difference between deep and moderate subject understanding

The jenga of trust

  • Build a culture of reflection, evaluation and risk-taking

  • How to develop relational trust – and what not to do

  • Create a high-trust, high-accountability organisation

  • How to model openness to learning

Did you see the gorilla?

  • How we delude ourselves that we’re better than we really are

  • Build systems that enable us to close perception gaps:

    • Baseline diagnostics

    • Rubrics to improve practice

    • Video analysis

    • Stakeholder surveys

Every teacher improves every year

  • Ensure your systems and culture enable teachers to make more impact on learners

  • Improve teachers’ time management

  • Design agendas for effective meetings

  • Improve teachers in the workflow – lesson feedback and informal learning

  • Design high-impact professional training that can be delivered in-house

A model for teaching excellence in your school!

4,000+ teachers have already benefited from the Osiris Teaching Intervention.

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Information on speakers coming soon.

09:30 - 09:40

Excellence in Scotland


The importance of teachers being excellent learners in all education systems

By Sarah Philp


09:40 - 11:10

Excellence in Teaching - the learners' guide


- Creating teaching and learning equity - A shared model for teaching excellence - How to overcome the three big blocks to teacher improvement

By Mark Burns


11:25 - 12:25

Choose from the following sessions

Workshop 1


Session 1a

- Planning backwards - a free practical framework - How to use a shared model for planning, teaching and assessment

By Martin Morgan & Jill Doyle

Session 1b

- Creating an improvement culture in 'busy' schools - How to reduce processing overload for teachers - Strategies to help leaders create effective dialogue for improvement

By Mark Burns


13:25 - 14:05

Choose from the following sessions

Workshop 2


Teacher Clarity - Secondary

- Understand the key elements of teacher clarity - Models and examples that increase teacher clarity

By Martin Morgan

Primary Case Study

- Discover how Castleview Primary School has developed during its quest for excellence in teaching

By Castleview Primary School


14:10 - 14:50

Choose from the following sessions

Workshop 3


Teacher Clarity - Primary

- Understand the key elements of teacher clarity - Models and examples that increase teacher clarity

By Martin Morgan

Secondary Case Study

- Lochgelly High School share their school's journey towards excellence in teaching. Discover practical ways to improve the quality of teaching in line with your school's aims and vision

By Lochgelly High School


15:00 - 15:50

Three key steps for teaching improvement


- How to design teacher learning so that every teacher can improve - How to embed a rich culture of teacher learning within your school, cluster or local authority

By Mark Burns