Nuanced Leadership: Secrets of Self-improving Schools with Professor Michael Fullan

  • Self-improving Systems

  • Change at all levels:

    • Learners

    • Teachers

    • Leaders

    • Community

    • Local authority

    • Regional Improvement Collaborative

What every leader must know and do.

Based on the latest research and practice from around the world.

Be a self-improving school or school system.

  • Know your toolkit

    • Right levers and wrong levers if sustained improvement is your desired outcomes.

  • Nuance

    • How to move from detail to big picture and back again.

  • The three secrets of change thought and how to do them in practice;

    • Joint Determination
    • Culture-based Accountability
    • Adaption

  • The three clear roles of the NEW leader;

    • Learning Leader
    • System Player
    • Change Agent