Osiris Research Conference 2019

Mindsets and Academic Resilience

  • Latest research and best practice

  • Accurate measurement and clear evidence

  • The fact and fiction of Growth Mindsets

Promoting improvement in your school, whilst changing the culture of teaching and learning.

Whole-school Growth Mindsets

Hear first-hand, how schools have used mindsets to:

Build a collaborative learning culture

Improve whole-school policy and practice

Develop teaching and leadership styles

Integrate Growth Mindsets with existing best practice

Unpick Growth Mindsets from everyone’s perspective:

  • Staff

  • Students

  • Parents

Academic resilience

Embed resilience in every learner and teacher

How to use the Academic Resilience scale

Student understanding vs. student resilience

Classroom tools to build resilience in staff and students

Preparing for the future, unpick the key issues:

The benefits/limitations of Academic Resilience

How has Growth Mindsets improved other schools?

What could Growth Mindsets and Academic Resilience look like in my school?