Schools for Equity - The Future for Non-Selective Schools

In association with NASM, explore the educational landscape for secondary moderns in 2019

  • Inequity facing secondary modern schools: latest research
  • Evidence on what works best for social mobility
  • Curriculum design with equity in mind
  • Great learning cultures across the social divide
  • How to redress the balance

Join us to celebrate the success of secondary modern schools across England. A unique blend of policy and practice, research and reason, this conference will revolutionise the way you lead tech in your school and highlight the future of technology within the educational landscape.

Tackling the practical challenges

  • Explore curriculum experiences that avoid the ‘one size fits all’ mentality
  • The ten features of an effective curriculum
  • Recognise the social determinants of attainment
  • Discuss the north/south divide within England
  • Know what to expect of education and how this impacts what you do
  • Practical strategies to help reduce cognitive overload
  • How to play your part in closing the perception gap
  • Ways to create a balanced and motivated environment

What can we do now to redress the balance?

Collectively we will explore five key strategies to promote equity in schools:

  • Political lobbying
  • Requests for high-probability support
  • Local action
  • Engagement with research
  • An alliance for equity

Let the research speak

  • In-depth analysis of how interpretation of the Progress 8 measures have impacted on non-selective schools
  • Hear the high-probability strategies for social mobility that can be employed in your schools
  • Unpick the impact of selective schools on their non-selective counterparts

Delegate rate

£250 + VAT

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