16-19 Accountability

How well are you prepared?

  • How to succeed with the minimum standards based on progress from 2016
  • Fully understand the 16-19 Study Programmes Inspection Dashboard
  • Get prepared to demonstrate the quality of your post-16 education:
    • Intent
    • Implementation
    • Impact
  • Practical ways to exceed the headline measures:
    • overall progress
    • attainment
    • retention
    • destinations
    • progress in English and maths
John Philip

John Philip

Date: 21st Jun 2019

John is a national trainer who specialises in leadership and maximising achievement at KS5. He also works as a senior consultant and gives feedback to schools and LAs on the quality of post-16 provision. John has written numerous articles, and his ‘99 Ideas to Raise Achievement at KS5’ draws on his four decades of experience in sixth forms.

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The revolutionised accountability and performance tables frameworks

Unpick headline measures and level 3 minimum standards

Know the data Ofsted look at, pre-inspection

Clarify what you must publish on your website

How to cope with the introduction of linear exams

A guide to the Level 3 Value Added systems

How the system works

Ways to interpret and use data

How it compares with other systems

Using the 16-19 Inspection dashboard effectively

How to structure a post-16 SEF/SAR

Identify performance data which might be kept internally

Ensure current progress data mirrors the dashboard sections

How to structure self-assessment to address issues arising from data

A quick reference toolkit packed with:

Ideas to calculate ‘estimated outcomes’

Suggestions for the most appropriate curriculum and study programmes

Monitoring techniques to assess progress from day 1

Strategies to ensure your provision is Outstanding

Proposals to establish a clear vision

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