PA Masterclass

How to add value and maximise performance

  • A comprehensive 'how-to' for the PA who wants to offer the best support to senior leadership
  • Know your priorities
  • Innovative ideas to save your Head vital time (Just 1 hour a week = a week of ‘free’ time over the school year!)

Information on speakers coming soon.

Managing your role – 8 vital areas covered in depth:

1. Adding value

Help your Head in today’s uncertain and complex landscape

2. Energy and time-saving:

Tools for time keeping, energy and stress management

3. Gate-keeping:

Field enquiries to protect your own and your boss’s time

4. Handling difficult situations:

Deal with parents/colleagues with different working styles

5. Networking with peers:

The value of connecting with peers and sharing expertise

6. Managing your role:

Best practice for using email, the telephone and calendars

7. Achieving a healthy work– life balance

Understand your brain and develop a growth mindset

8. Technology

Apps and tools to keep in control and save time

The secrets of high performance

  • Unpick the power of your brain to maximise performance
  • Techniques to help you manage your energy and save time
  • The ultimate mindset for today’s assistant
  • Use the ‘U-SOFAR’ technique to stay in control and stress free
  • Practise mindfulness to stay calm and focused