Assessment in PE

  • How to make assessment an essential part of Outstanding teaching and learning
  • Ensure pupils are inspired, engaged and make Outstanding progress in PE
  • How to make assessment, recording and reporting time-saving, effective and user-friendly
  • New practical tools to future-proof PE assessment
Crichton Casbon

Crichton Casbon

Date: 19th Mar 2019

Crichton has a proven track record in bringing about curriculum change. For the last 11 years he has managed major projects for the QCDA. He has also served in East Sussex LEA as a School Improvement Adviser following 16 years as a teacher of Physical Education. 

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Outstanding PE under the new National Curriculum

Unpick Ofsted’s latest criteria

Make assessment more about teaching and learning and less about administration

Help all pupils develop a lifelong love of physical activity, whatever the barriers

Make assessment simple for you and powerful for learners

Use recording systems to inform your PE curriculum design

Plan engaging units of work and lessons using assessment

Examples of ongoing assessment that:

  • Motivate your pupils

  • Inform your planning

  • Meet your school's needs

How and when to use feedback and praise

Use core tasks to raise pupils’ aspirations and standards

Make reporting relevant for pupils and helpful for parents

Outstanding, time-saving assessment resources:

  • How to use a lesson-by-lesson planning tool – the Z-Planner
  • How to use a U-Planner
  • Visual, pupil-friendly recording tools
  • Clear AfL methods for measuring and raising progress

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