Assessment in the EYFS

  • Baseline tests – what now?
  • EYFS Profile – where next?
  • Effective and time-saving ways to use ongoing assessment to inform learning
  • How to make the best use of summative and formative assessment

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Clarify the latest DfE and Ofsted requirements

Baseline tests and EYFS Profile:

  • established best practice, new ideas and preparing for 2020

Effective assessment of the Characteristics of Effective Learning

Emerging, Expected, Exceeding – what next?

Common Inspection Framework: the ‘Sat Nav’ guidance

Sharing the data story internally and externally

Transition into KS1: a tale of two halves!

How to improve observation, assessment and planning in your setting

Use on-entry and ongoing learning outcomes to inform planning for progress in learning

Create on-going assessment systems that are relevant to children’s learning

Implement a clear reporting process

Work effectively with learning assistants to support learning and assessment

Share end-of-EYFS assessment outcomes with Year 1 teachers

Recording evidence and tracking process

Observing child-initiated learning - techniques and tips

Using EYFS data to inform whole school development planning

Strategies to ensure a consistent assessment approach