Boy-Friendly SPaG

Make writing and reading easy and accessible for all

  • Have fun teaching and learning SPaG

  • Make writing and reading easy/accessible for all

  • Fast impact for tests and writing

  • Fine-tune your SPaG teaching skills

  • The ultimate SPaG toolbox

Information on speakers coming soon.

Become the SPaG teacher you’ve always wanted to be

Hundreds of hours saved with instantly-implementable strategies

Secure progression for KS1 and KS2 SPaG tests

Ensure grammar test outcomes translate into high-quality, exciting writing

Involve your students in an active learning journey

Fun activities that make SPaG immediately memorable

Crystal-clear expectations explained and assessed

SATs preparation made fun

The ultimate SPaG Toolbox

Characters that truly bring SPaG to life, such as:

  • The Noun Clown
  • Verb Bird
  • MC Grammar
  • Pow-Pow Punctuation
  • The Secret Code

Suitable for Primary and Secondary