GCSE Computer Science

Python Programming 2019

  • Meet GCSE Programming requirements irrespective of your examination board
  • Deliver programming modules confidently
  • Enhance pupil understanding of the theory of programming
    • Searching
    • Sorting algorithms
Sarah Shakibi

Sarah Shakibi

Date: 22nd Mar 2019

Dr Shakibi has many years of experience as a head of ICT and Computing. Currently, she teaches the CIE iGCSE, AQA and IB in Computer Science.  Sarah’s passion is for Computational and Algorithmic Thinking, and how to ‘wake up’ this talent in children. 

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Programming toolkit for Python: coursework component

  • Maximise pupil success in coding and coursework

  • Identify and use variables, operators, inputs, outputs and assignments

  • Understand Sequence, Selection, Iteration

  • Explore the suitable uses for FOR and WHILE loops

  • Use different types of data:

    • Boolean
    • String
    • Integer
    • Real
  • Basic string manipulations

  • Basic file handling operations:

    • Open
    • Read
    • Append
    • Write
    • Close
  • Define & use arrays to solving problems

  • Understand and use functions/procedures to create structured code

Successful & robust code-testing techniques: theory component

  • Standard searching algorithms

    • Binary search
    • Linear search
  • Standard sorting algorithms

    • Bubble sort
    • Merge sort
    • Insertion sort
  • Counts and rogue values

  • Constructs in OOP

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