Maths Leader: How to be Outstanding

  • Organise your job role and create a clear model of subject improvement

  • 6-part model for transforming mathematics in your department and school

  • Receive a maths leader toolbox

Information on speakers coming soon.

Your journey to Outstanding

Develop a clear vision, mission and values for maths

How to effectively manage staff using system leadership

Make confident judgements on learning over time

Simple methods for effective moderation across your department

Set high standards and high expectations

Learn how to action plan effectively

Whole school model

Discover the best model for change management

Acurate assessment model for prediciting SATs and GCSEs

Unpick Ofsted’s recent focus on consistency within subjects

Judge the quality of lessons over time, to make accurate judgements

Gain a useful model for driving improvements in the team

How to create amazing learning environments

Maths leader toolkit

  • Outstanding schemes of learning

  • Mastery teaching model to tranform results

  • Resources for year 6 and year 11 teachers

  • Examples of excellent maths handbooks

  • Monitoring and tracking tools for book trawls and learning walks