How to Demonstrate Progress


  • Ofsted - evidence long-term progress that is:
    • visible during inspection
    • above expectation
    • not limited by achievement
    • visible year-on-year
  • Ensure every pupil makes rapid and sustained progress
  • Leave with practical tools to record and demonstrate:
    • your impact on learning
    • progress without levels
    • progress of SEN and most able
    • accurate assessment

Information on speakers coming soon.

Meet Ofsted’s latest progress demands

Clarify Ofsted judgement descriptors for good and exceptional progress 

Encourage cross-curricular skills in all pupils

Secure outstanding attainment, learning and progress

A complete guide to ensuring all pupils make the grade 

Personalised goals for individual pupils 

Frameworks for students to demonstrate their own progress 

Techniques to include all pupils from SEND to most able 


Effective target setting:  

  • objectives
  • pupil involvement
  • Assessment for Learning

Proven tools to clearly demonstrate progress:

  • Questioning methods 
  • Extended plans for gifted pupils
  • Templates to record data
  • Classroom-based strategies to track progress 
  • Techniques for effective intervention