How to design a knowledge-rich curriculum

  • Evaluate successful curriculum models

  • Discover how to design a joined-up curriculum

  • Go beyond teaching for the test

Martin Robinson

Martin Robinson

Date: 18th Jun 2019

Martin is internationally recognised as an expert presenter and consultant. His critically-acclaimed 2013 book 'Trivum 21c' is an example of Martin's passionate belief that a blend of knowledge, questioning expertise and communication skills forms the basis of a great education.

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Knowledge: The real substance of education?

  • Ofsted: a rigorous, knowledge-rich curriculum
  • E.D. Hirsch and Jerome Bruner: the key research theories
  • Cognitive science and cultural theory: where the mind meets the
  • world
  • Curriculum models: an evaluation

From compliance to culture:

  • Achieve shared vision amongst all teachers, leaders and pupils
  • Learn how to audit current provision
  • Make the shift: encountering knowledge to rembering knowledge
  • Recognise the importance of building on subject strengths
  • Ensure each teacher teaches a chapter, whilst being aware of the
  • whole story

Design a new rigorous curriculum: the essentials and ideals

  • The three Is:
    • -Intent -Implementation -Impact

Top tips for curriculum mastery:

  • Audit tools
  • Create a rich culture of mind
  • Design curriculum maps with vertical and horizontal connectivity in mind

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