Improving Teacher Effectiveness

A whole-school model

  • A practical model to enhance teacher effectiveness in your school

  • Tools to develop a meaningful appraisal process

  • Focus on developing strong mental models of practice over observation hoop-jumping

Oli Knight

Oli Knight

Date: 22nd Mar 2019

Oliver is Executive Headteacher of Phoenix Academy and was previously Headteacher at Greenwich Free School. Oliver took GFS from ‘Requires Improvement’ to ‘Good’ in 18 months and secured English and Maths GCSE outcomes in August 2017 of 81% grade 4+, 65% Grade 5+ and 40% Grade 7+.

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Ensure that your lesson observation protocols marry up to your management and whole-school reporting systems whilst supporting and enhancing your school culture.

Steps to successfully enhance teacher effectiveness:

Identify why lesson grading does not work

Explore alternative models to gauge teacher effectiveness

Develop an internal system that enhances effectiveness whilst reducing anxiety

Embed a formative approach to teacher development that moves away from high-stakes observation, to coaching, instructional feedback and peer observation.

Move beyond lesson grades and the idea of progress within a lessons, to look at a defensible model of teacher effectiveness and how we can take this whole-school.

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