Inspirational Maths Teaching

  • Promote a love of maths and ensure the subject is never boring
  • Resources to engage children in 21st-century maths  (whilst preparing them for tougher Y2 and Y6 tests)
  • Practical ideas to teach and assess tricky topics like: 
    • calculations
    • fractions
    • problem-solving

Information on speakers coming soon.

What is happening in the world of primary mathematics?

National Curriculum: be sure you are getting the most out of it

Ofsted: make the hairs on the back of the inspector’s neck tingle

How to help children achieve high standards and mathematical mastery


How to get a class full of resilient problem-solvers

Consider why some children have problems with maths

Promote genuine pupil creativity across the maths curriculum

Instil a love of numbers and calculation in all learners

Develop inclusive practices based around pupils working in collaboration

Take more able children to new heights

Ideas to make the most of the daily mathematics lesson


A resource kit for odd moments or full days

Hands-on approaches for:

  • physical maths

  • outdoor maths 

  • immersive learning

  • enterprise education 

Resources for teaching maths using:

  • stories and poetry

  • movie-making 

Games to motivate children

Ideas for cross-curricular links