Maximise Progress for Pupils with SEND

  • How the radical reforms will affect SEND pupils:
    • New National Curriculum
    • Removal of levels
    • SEND Code of Practice
    • Changes to Primary assessment
  • A toolkit to provide evidence of progress to Ofsted:
    • Record keeping templates
    • Action plans
    • Data methods
  • Leave with strategies to create your own assessment, tracking and monitoring systems

Information on speakers coming soon.

What’s new in SEND?

The latest National Curriculum – flexibility and creativity

P levels – what the future holds

Removal of levels – schools develop own systems

Ofsted – using data effectively

SEND Code of Practice – all teachers accountable for progress

A complete guide to enhancing SEND pupils’ progress

Review your assessment arrangements for SEND pupils

Tailor teaching styles to meet the needs of all SEND pupils

Ensure pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum

Implement effective interventions when needed

Record progress effectively for different stakeholders:

− pupils

− teachers

− parents

− Ofsted

Review the quality of teaching for pupils at risk of underachievement

A kitbag of resources

Assessment strategies

Differentiation techniques

Practical ways to gather evidence

Engagement and challenge activities