Maximise Progress for Pupils with SEND

  • How the radical reforms will affect SEND pupils:
    • New National Curriculum
    • Removal of levels
    • SEND Code of Practice
    • Changes to Primary assessment
  • A toolkit to provide evidence of progress to Ofsted:
    • Record keeping templates
    • Action plans
    • Data methods
  • Leave with strategies to create your own assessment, tracking and monitoring systems
Lorraine Petersen OBE

Lorraine Petersen OBE

Date: 29th Mar 2019

Lorraine was the CEO of NASEN from 2004–2013, and prior to that held a number of teaching posts. In June 2009 Lorraine was awarded an OBE for services to education. Since 2013, she has worked as an independent consultant supporting schools, local authorities and academy chains to implement SEN legislative changes.

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What’s new in SEND?

The latest National Curriculum – flexibility and creativity

P levels – what the future holds

Removal of levels – schools develop own systems

Ofsted – using data effectively

SEND Code of Practice – all teachers accountable for progress

A complete guide to enhancing SEND pupils’ progress

Review your assessment arrangements for SEND pupils

Tailor teaching styles to meet the needs of all SEND pupils

Ensure pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum

Implement effective interventions when needed

Record progress effectively for different stakeholders:

− pupils

− teachers

− parents

− Ofsted

Review the quality of teaching for pupils at risk of underachievement

A kitbag of resources

Assessment strategies

Differentiation techniques

Practical ways to gather evidence

Engagement and challenge activities

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£269 + VAT

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