Perfect Marking in Science

  • Prepare for Ofsted’s 2017 workbook inspections
  • Upgrade your marking and feedback to ensure all pupils:
    • make rapid progress
    • deepen learning
    • know how to improve
    • are engaged
  • Mark smarter, not harder: plans to reduce marking time
  • Examples of outstanding marking in science teaching
John Medlicott

John Medlicott

Date: 2nd Jul 2019

John is a nationally acclaimed science trainer with over a decade of experience. He is regularly graded as “outstanding” by delegates on their evaluation forms and his training style is practical, down to earth and inspiring. John has taught Science for over 15 years and is an experienced senior & middle leader, both in the UK and internationally.

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A new approach to marking and assessment

Unpick Ofsted’s criteria for marking and assessment

Surpass Ofsted’s expectations for workbook inspections

Professor Hattie’s research and its impact on effective teaching

A realist’s guide to marking and assessment

Meaningful “marking dialogue” to produce lasting change

Develop a consistent approach to marking

Implement peer- and self-assessment techniques

Personalise learning through:

differentiated feedback

qualitative feedback

Way to make target setting meaningful in Science

Demonstrate progress from marking and feedback

Ensure all children know what they must do to improve

Delegates Receive

  • DIRT strategies

  • Science marking policy

  • Feedback techniques

  • Marking check sheet

  • Lunch and refreshments

  • Online post-course support

  • Delegate file including CPD certificate

First delegate rate

£289 + VAT

Additional delegate rate

£269 + VAT

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