Progress: Plain and Simple

  • Meet Ofsted expectations of attainment, learning and progress

  • Discover five ways to measure and demonstrate pupil progress

  • 25 classroom activities that ensure genuine progression

Michael Harpham

Michael Harpham

Date: 2nd Jul 2019

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Unpack the measures of progress:

  • Ofsted: how progress can be effectively delivered, identified, measured and assessed
  • Implications for assessment, leadership, and teaching and learning
  • The key research:
    • Vygotsky’s proximal development
    • Bloom’s taxonomy
    • Visible Learning – John Hattie (2012)
    • What Makes Great Teaching – Sutton Trust (2014)
    • Inspiring Teachers – Sammons et al. (2014)

Achieve the lightbulb moment:

  • Define what progress is and what progress is not
  • Provide a variety of effective challenges so every child succeeds
  • Actively drive lessons from teacher-led to pupil-led learning
  • Plan inductive learning that delivers progress over time

Ultimate toolkit to promote and improve progress:

  • Techniques for effective intervention
  • Programme of study template
  • Scheme of work template
  • Question bank and sentence stems

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