Puffed Outside the Box

  • Create a thirst for learning so pupils take ownership of their education

  • How to drive progress, even when the going gets tough

  • Equip children with robust learning strategies for every occassion

Will Hussey

Will Hussey

Date: 24th Jun 2019

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Yearning to learn

  • Discover how to craft desire
  • Explore the graduated stages of learning
  • Nurture the characteristics for learning
  • Cultivate a creative school climate
  • Delve into the study of neurology

Instilling creativity in the classroom for greater progress

  • Overcoming cognitive dissonance: what it is and what we do with it
  • Conquering child perceptual deficiencies: barriers to learning
  • Crafting neural connections: learning is creating
  • Understanding that less is sometimes more
  • Developing the five Rs; character traits essential for learning (and life)
    • Receptivity
    • Retention
    • Re-definition
    • Risk-taking
    • Refinement

Tasks to tackle creative thinking and learning in the
classroom, including:

  • Creative thinking challenges
  • Movers and Shakers
  • Brain Gain Quick Draw
  • Chicken and Egg Create and Make

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