Assessment in Science 2019 (Primary)

  • Get ready to make Y2 and Y6 'end of Key Stage' assessments in 2019
  • Create a level-less assessment system that:
    • encourages progress 
    • enhances your KS1/2 curriculum
  • Practical ideas for all years to use:
    • plan with assessment in mind 
    • check progress
    • provide effective feedback

Information on speakers coming soon.

Everything you must know

Assessment updates – statutory requirements

Ofsted – what do they now expect?

Progress – what evidence is needed?


Complete guide to refreshing your assessment practices

Review your current assessment in science practice

Enhance understanding of subject ‘security’ in National curriculum context

Plan for differentiated learning for science with assessment in mind

Involve all children in assessment conversations

Signposts best practice and free assessment tools, ready to use in school


Assessment toolkit:

  • Practical tips for guided learning in science 

  • Whole-school assessment development strategies 

  • Resources to support subject leaders in developing CPD

  • Senior Leadership tools to aid monitoring and evaluation