The Science of Lazy Leadership

How leaders can cut 20% from their working day

  • Practical protocols to introduce immediately

  • ‘Lazy leader’ priorities

  • Forensic focus on teaching, learning and assessment practice

Information on speakers coming soon.

Managing your own behaviours

Art of the essential: the 90% principle

Examine your mindset and home–work balance

How to assess your current priorities and workload

The ‘cut out’ job

Understand the tension between ‘being there in the moment’ and ‘sitting on the mountain’

The first steps

The science of Development Planning

Performance management made smarter

Success and impact cycles

Development of teaching, learning and assessment practice

Overcoming inertia/gravity

‘Lazy leader’ toolbox

  • Quality assurance framework

  • Systematic improvement builders

  • Pipeline for monitoring and policies

  • Climate checks

  • Planning guide: day to day, month to month, year to year