How to develop your pupils’ memory

  • The science of memory:

    • Discover which teaching methods ensure maximum retention and recall

  • Learning by heart:

    • The latest learning about making a positive change to your pupils’ ability to remember

  • The art of memory:

    • How actors remember their lines, and techniques from classical Greece and Rome

Information on speakers coming soon.

The science of memory

How to structure your lessons to maximise learning

Enable pupils to remember what they have been taught

How assessment can be used to aid memory

Memory: from ancient to modern

The spoken word:

  • why Socrates worried about the effect of writing on memory

  • understand the importance of the spoken word

How the Ancient Greeks and Romans used memory

Learn the art of remembering a speech

The art of memory as used by magicians

Learn techniques used by actors in the theatre

Practical tools, strategies and first-hand evidence

How good memory techniques can help exam performance

Memorisation techniques with practical implementation

Know how different techniques work in different contexts

Teaching techniques that aid pupils’ memory

Receive the skills to transfer your knowledge across colleagues