The Expert TA

  • How to undertake effective planning and preparation

  • Your role in implementing Ofsted curriculum content for 2019

  • The 5 key essentials

Information on speakers coming soon.

Get up-to-date with evidence based research

  • The EEF report; “Making use of Teaching Assistants”
  • Teacher-benefits - behaviour, reduce workload and stress,
  • one-to-one interventions

Ofsted; “Other adult in the room”

  • Strategies to professionalise your role:
  • Professional liason with the teacher
  • Effective partnership and collaboration
  • Quality support, guidance and personalisation in practice
  • Interventions
  • Self evaluation and reflective practice

Techniques to ensure high impact on attainment

  • Asking effective questioning 
  • Giving quality feedback
  • Structuring personalised learning
  • Demonstrating progress

First delegate rate

£299 + VAT

Additional delegate rate

£279 + VAT

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