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  • How to undertake effective planning and preparation

  • Your role in implementing Ofsted curriculum content for 2019

  • The 5 key essentials

Stephanie George

Stephanie George

Date: 12th Jul 2019

Stephanie and her team are the winners of the TES Support Staff of the Year 2013 award. Stephanie has received two DfE awards for supporting the achievement of young people. She is the author of 'The Learning Mentor Manual', a practical book offering advice for learning mentors and those managing learning mentors.

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Get up-to-date with evidence based research

  • The EEF report; “Making use of Teaching Assistants”
  • Teacher-benefits - behaviour, reduce workload and stress,
  • one-to-one interventions

Ofsted; “Other adult in the room”

  • Strategies to professionalise your role:
  • Professional liason with the teacher
  • Effective partnership and collaboration
  • Quality support, guidance and personalisation in practice
  • Interventions
  • Self evaluation and reflective practice

Techniques to ensure high impact on attainment

  • Asking effective questioning 
  • Giving quality feedback
  • Structuring personalised learning
  • Demonstrating progress

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