The Perfect Assistant Head

The Complete Guide

  • How to overcome the 5 challenges: 
    • being an excellent leader
    • prioritising tasks
    • becoming outstanding
    • building teams
    • supporting your headteacher                    
  • How to continuously improve your performance 
  • Deliver perfection in line with Ofsted’s new inspection framework 


Tony Swainston

Tony Swainston

Date: 28th Jun 2019

Tony is an educational consultant and author who has over 20 years’ experience of assistant headship. His passion is to support individuals and whole schools in raising their level of success. He has presented workshops for school leaders both in the UK and in over 10 other countries around the world.

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Master the complexities of Assistant Headship

3 most important ways to support your head

Essential strategies to build effective teams

Lead teaching and learning to outstanding

Learn excellent leadership characteristics  

Prioritise your time effectively

Revel in your role: a step-by-step guide

Clarify your key responsibilities and duties 

Audit the needs of: pupils, parents, teachers and staff

Day-to-day operational duties vs. strategic leadership

Go above and beyond your job description

Uncover the secrets to sustaining your success

Next steps to career progression

Techniques to excel in the 5 key areas of Assistant Headship

  • Proven techniques to deal with difficult staff

  • Motivate your staff to deliver outstanding teaching 

  • Strategies to galvanise your staff for change 

  • New methods to help you be more proactive

  • Tools to accelerate your progress 

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