Closing the Gap

Academic Equity for the Most At Risk

  • Prioritise the key starting points for closing the achievement gap

  • 7 data-driven strategies to make an immediate impact

  • Create clear, long-term plans to secure the academic entitlement of every pupil

  • Build a sustainable future of equity for your school

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The Education Policy Institute’s ‘Closing the Gap’ report shows that, by the end of KS4, disadvantaged pupils are academically two years behind their non-disadvantaged peers.

The latest policy updates and understanding ‘the gap’

Address the latest research, plus government and Ofsted policies

  • data from PISA, Ofsted and the Sutton Trust

The nature and causes of the gap

Closing the gap – the moral case

A step-by-step guide to closing the gap in your school

Unpick what successful schools are doing

Address your own school-based causes of the gap

Develop effective leadership and governance for changing cultures

Focus resources to efficiently support the most disadvantaged

Educate disadvantaged pupils:

  • classroom evidence

  • whole-school strategies

Engage with families and the community