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Impact Teams Case Studies

Joplin Schools

Joplin Schools took the destructive F5 tornado of 2011 as an opportunity for innovation. They invested in a whole slew of initiatives to support the new environments and new thinking, but the district began to suffer from lack of focus and initiative fatigue. Impact Teams provided them with a scalable plan that identified and worked on the areas that would have the highest impact; Instructional Leadership, Teacher Clarity and Student Voice. As a result, their schools have demonstrated marked improvement ever since.

Lyons Township High School District

Lyons Township High School District had been working diligently for 4 years in an effort to improve student learning, but they kept getting bogged down in curricular work, meaning progress was slow. When beginning Impact Teams, they wanted to shift the conversation from teaching to learning. The Evidence-Analysis-Action Protocol ensured student learning was the focus, leading to substantial growth in student proficiency in 7 out of the 8 targeted subject areas.

Reeds Spring


Before embarking on Impact Teams, the Reeds Spring School District was failing to make the impact they wanted or needed on their pupils’ outcomes. Without system-wide and effective use of data their current improvement strategies were inefficient and focussed heavily on teaching rather than learning. Impact Teams provided the protocols for their teams to look at evidence in a meaningful way that could be followed up strategically in the classroom. The results were overwhelmingly positive with both teachers and pupils achieving a greater depth of learning.