Top Marks at GCSE MFL

  • How to secure top grades in a time of change
  • Make GCSEs work for the most able:
    • linear examinations
    • introduction of the 1-9 grading
    • more rigorous content
    • more spontaneity
  • A toolkit to stretch and challenge all learners

Information on speakers coming soon.

The latest changes, research and updates

GCSEs: clarify the new specifications

Ofsted: the criteria for Outstanding MFL

Teaching: pedagogies for the most able including Bloom’s and SOLO

Ensure high achievement correlates with high progress:

Stretch the most able in the four skills

Create opportunities for spontaneous talk

Encourage independence in Speaking and Writing

Develop your students’ translation skills

Improve independence in grammar and language manipulation

Utilise literature to extend the most able

Assess with terminal examinations in mind

Treasure map – where the extra marks are hidden

Tools to stretch and challenge in MFL

  • Encourage debate to boost skills

  • Allow time for autonomous thinking

  • Progress linguistic skills

  • Develop higher-level cultural understanding

  • Advanced questioning techniques

  • Increase challenge in all lessons

  • Weave enrichment through every lesson

  • Increase KS5 uptake