St. John Bosco Arts College is a Catholic Salesian School for girls aged 11 to 19, in the north end of  Liverpool. The College is located in an area of high social and economic deprivation, with most of our students living in areas in the top 1% of significant social deprivation in the country.

Outstanding Teaching is a modular programme of training that has been delivered in our school over the last two years.  The course has been delivered by Andy Griffith and developed in association with Osiris Educational.

The training experience has included two whole school INSET days (85 staff) and two groups of ten teachers have worked through three Outstanding Teaching Modules over each of the past two academic years. These modules are delivered in three-hour sessions, which are followed by a lesson observation a week later.  The aim of the lesson observation is to encourage the teacher to demonstrate their skills within the area of focus. After the observation one-to-one feedback is given by the trainer (this takes place within 48 hours of the observation). Two of the three sessions are videoed and DVDs of these recordings are given to the teacher concerned.

Outstanding Teaching began as an INSET, developed into a course and is becoming a culture within our school. This training has challenged, empowered, demystified and inspired.

“Since being on this course I haven’t just radically changed my teaching, I have radically changed my thinking”
Margaret Murphy (teacher on the programme)