• Heads of Department
  • KS3/4 Co-ordinators
  • G&T/SEN Co-ordinators

4 Levels of Progress for High and Low Attainers

 4 levels of progress for high & low attainers with:

  • effective differentiation
  • effective target setting
  • pacing lessons
  • stretch and challenge

Kick-start super-progression regardless of KS2 results


Outstanding Data Management - accurately plot and monitor progress from the start of Year 7 to Year 11


The Principles of Additional Progression

  • Ofsted’s role - what they expect and what to show them
  • 4 levels of progress - how it differs to 3 levels of progress
  • Case studies of 4 levels of progression - from start to finish
  • Intervention provision for low KS2 attainers to make remarkable progress
  • Use APP and AfL to aid progression

Outstanding Teaching Practice

  • Steadfast progression planning leading from KS2 attainment
  • Differentiation to achieve 4 levels for both low and high achievers
  • Build a smart curriculum using data and targets

Intervention and support systems for:

  • A,G&T
  • SEN and EAL
  • pupils in adversity
  • stuck of slow progressors

Outstanding Data Management

  • Draw on KS2 to KS4 testing to set effective targets
  • Might monitoring and tracking to plot the path to super-progress

Build amicable links with feeder schools to promote:

  • two-way sharing
  • data development
  • co-operative approach to progress
  • accurate pupil profiling/tracking

Practice Makes Progress with step-by-step guides

  • Progression and support plans
  • Intervention activities for ‘stalled’ pupil’s
  • Motivational techniques to boost childrens’ progress
  • Target trackers and progress reports
  • Differentiation techniques for G&T and low attainers
  • Effective data handling and usage strategies
  • Self-audits and Grade A monitoring and evaluation practices
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