• Senior Managers
  • Department Heads
  • Classroom Teachers

Differentiation: Practical Strategies and Solutions

30 ways to make a difference in differentiation


Putting differentiation at the heart of outstanding teaching


How to provide access, support and challenge in every classroom

A new approach to differentiation and personalised learning

  • Meeting Ofsted criteria for outstanding practice in differentiation
  • Value added: new ways to ensure all learners make significant progress
  • Assessment for Learning v Assessment of Learning: be clear about both

Classroom management: whole class, small group and independent work

  • How to lead differentiation throughout your school
  • All you need to reflect best practice in your policies
  • Planning tools for differentiated tasks
  • Differentiated target setting for improvement

New marking and assessment techniques to improve learning

  • Make assessment criteria accessible, useful and manageable
  • Practical activities for peer and self-assessment
  • Visual planning to support speaking and writing
  • Integrate literacy, numeracy and ICT to develop core skills

Sustainable marking strategies that will:

  • engage students
  • enrich children’s learning
  • save teachers’ time
  • encourage differentiated peer marking
  • allow feedback and feedforward

Create an emotionally safe and welcoming climate

  • Improve teaching across the curriculum
  • Increase engagement among all students
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