• Classroom Teachers
  • Subject Leaders

Feedback and Marking for Teachers

A major focus for inspection

  • Ofsted
  • Workbooks

The huge impact of feedback on learning – what the research tells us:

  • whole-school approach
  • John Hattie's research

Ofsted on Feedback and Marking

  • Focus on feedback and marking leading to learning
  • The importance of the audit of books and folders
  • Techniques for teachers to ensure inspectors see progress from feedback
  • Staff development strategies to meet 'outstanding' criteria

Feedback to teachers

  • Use feedback from students to modify and plan lessons
  • Involve all students in getting feedback
  • Respond to feedback - the classroom management issues
  • Electronic response techniques for feedback

Differentiation and feedback

  • The need to add a +1 challenge in all feedback
  • Techniques to make differentiation a reality

Feedback and success criteria

  • Make the success criteria clear and manageable for learners
  • Techniques for modelling success criteria
  • Use peer assessment to understand success criteria

Feedback to students

  • Oral feedback – make sure it counts
  • Making feedback through marking useful
  • Techniques to ensure that marking ‘next steps’ lead to learning
  • Peer feedback and self-reflection
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