• Reception Teachers
  • Nursery Teachers
  • EYFS Co-ordinators

How to Demonstrate Progress in Early Years


Clarify what levels of progress in learning and development Ofsted want


New ways to ensure children make good progress


A toolkit to successfully evidence progress in all 7 areas of development


Prepare for new Ofsted and EYFS initiatives

  • Unpick Ofsted progress expectations
  • Clarify Ofsted judgment descriptors for good and exceptional progress
  • Know the latest changes to the EYFS Profile

A complete guide to ensure all children progress without being rushed

  • How to set goals for individual children
  • How to map, track and measure goals for individual children
  • How to observe and assess effectively from 0-5
  • Techniques to include all pupils from SEND to G&T
  • Effective formative assessment techniques to challenge children
  • How best to prepare your body of evidence

A toolkit to make demonstrating progress manageable 

  • Activities to encourage every child to learn something new every session
  • Classroom-based strategies to track progress
  • Techniques to trigger intervention for children falling behind
  • Extended plans for gifted pupils
  • Questioning methods to demonstrate outstanding progress
  • Templates to record progress for all 7 areas of learning
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