• Head of Departments
  • Key Stage Co-ordinators
  • Classroom Teachers

How to Raise Challenge in the Classroom

    • Create the climate for rapid and sustained progress

    • Discover the Hattie key to expert teaching: challenge

  • Break the satisfactory habit and set the bar high for all pupils


Discover new ways to challenge students

  • Put long-term learner development before short-term fact acquisition

Explore the most effective classroom methods using research from:

  • Scandinavia
  • New Zealand

Create a learning culture in your school

  • Techniques and activities for promoting learning resilience
  • Questioning techniques that challenge and extend
  • Develop pupils’ self-assessment capabilities
  • Ways of planning for and monitoring levels of challenge

Challenge: the outstanding way to differentiate

  • Clear strategies for creating challenge
  • Develop pupils’ self-assessment capabilities

What will your future class look like? Inspire an environment where pupils:

  • seek rather than shun feedback
  • develop a growth mindset to continuously expand their own skill set
  • develop self-assessment capabilities
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