• Headteacher
  • Assistant / Deputy Head
  • Curriculum Managers
  • Head of Departments
  • Classroom Teachers

How to Teach Success

  • Outstanding classroom practice and activities from latest educational research proven to:

  • Grow mindsets - Carol Dweck
  • Cultivate grit - Angela Duckworth
  • Raise Achievement - John Hattie
  • Build character strength - Martin Seligman
  • Form capability - James Heckman
  • Instil autonomous learning- Edward Deci & Richard Ryan
  • Develop expertise - Anders K Ericsson

Unpick how to create pupils’ own drive to succeed

  • Clarify Ofsted’s descriptions of ‘Outstanding’ classroom and school practice
  • Embed quality formative assessment practices

Uncover the connections to established progressive practices

  • BLP
  • Habits of Mind
  • Mindset
  • P4C

Complete guide to embedding research into classroom practices

  • Focus on learning as the driver for performance
  • Select from a menu of intervention activities
  • Make counter-intuitive choices
  • Set the right goals to encourage learning
  • Effective feedback techniques, not praise
  • Embed quality formative assessment practices
  • Monitor and assess pupil progress
  • Encourage deliberate practice

A host of classroom-based activities to build ‘edu-gumption’

  • Change mindsets
  • Ways to create challenge
  • Mental contrasting
  • Develop happy habits
  • Energy-rationing
  • 'The Nothing Alternative’
  • Cultivate good character
  • Find-and-replace words
  • Strategies to encourage intrinsic motivation
  • Big-picture plans and little-picture actions
  • The power of analogy and conceptual abstraction
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