• Head of Maths
  • Maths Teachers

Outstanding Mathematics Teaching

  • Explore and experience the latest Outstanding criteria

  • qualities of Outstanding lessons
  • differentiation and challenge
  • student engagement and interest
  • problem solving mathematics

Practically apply Outstanding Ofsted strategies Assessment tools in the mathematics classroom

  • What defines Outstanding mathematics teaching
  • Analyse Ofsted reports regarding Outstanding mathematics teaching
  • Develop an enquiry based approach to teaching and learning mathematics
  • How to create quality discussion and encourage deep questioning

Develop qualities which frame Outstanding mathematics teaching

  • Define and develop mathematical thinking
  • Pose quality questions: accessible and challenging
  • Provide rich learning opportunities
  • Differentiation to challenge all pupils
  • Include assessment in everyday teaching and learning
  • Utilise a range of resources and practical equipment in the mathematics classroom

Developing pupils’ mathematical qualities of:

  • independence
  • perseverance
  • passion
  • commitment

Effective approaches to use in the classroom

  • group work
  • pairing and sharing

Strategies and resources to enrich teaching:

  • Planning techniques to enrich your lessons
  • Develop schemes of work and integrating assessment opportunities
  • The enquiry classroom

Techniques to develop students’ mathematical thinking:

  • pattern spotting
  • conjecturing
  • seeking for connections
  • proof

Dramatically raise engagement and achievement in the mathematics classroom

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