• Teaching Assistants
  • TA Co-ordinators

Outstanding TAs

How to make an outstanding impact on:

  • individuals
  • small groups
  • whole school

The right tools for one-to-one teaching:

  • AfL
  • Effective teaching techniques

New techniques to raise vulnerable children’s achievements in their SATs and exams


High Level Teaching Assistant - engage with new guidelines and techniques

  • New Ofsted framework for teaching and learning
  • Assessment for Learning - new activities and techniques
  • Effective Teaching - how the pupil brain learns

Techniques & strategies to become an Outstanding Teaching Assistant

  • Unpick your role and responsibilities
  • Engage and motivate your pupils - Teaching & Learning techniques
  • Learn new planning strategies to work independently and alongside the teacher
  • Monitor progress
  • Implement new feedback techniques
  • Develop effective communication with the teacher
  • Create a good learning environment both inside and outside
  • Achieve teacher certification

Have the right tools at hand and ready to use:

  • effective communication
  • develop high order thinking skills
  • carpet time activities
  • increase challenge
  • questioning techniques
  • games for literacy and numeracy
  • observation techniques to learn from the teacher

Be fully equipped to take on greater roles and have a positive impact within the classroom and the whole school

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