• Suitable for all aspiring Outstanding teachers

Outstanding Teaching in Early Years


New Oftsed Outstanding criteria made relevant for EY

Get the balance right: meet external expectations while promoting play-based learning

A dynamic guide to implementing outstanding teaching every day


The latest research to propel you to outstanding

  • Compare Ofsted’s new requirements with the revised EYFS
  • Review recent research evidence on effective teaching and learning
  • Develop a pedagogically rich teaching style

An interactive guide for all teachers striving for Outstanding

  • Identify key characteristics of high-quality practice in Early Years
  • Effectively use observation and assessment to determine planning
  • Balance child-led and adult-led learning using your knowledge of child development
  • Consider how best to demonstrate young children’s progress
  • Implement practical strategies for appropriate and effective Early Years provision

Practical tools, strategies and first-hand evidence

  • Strategies for observing children’s learning
  • Planning tools for adult-led and child-led learning
  • Approaches for consolidating and extending children’s learning
  • Monitoring tools
  • Material for monitoring and evaluating the quality of teaching in the EYFS
  • DVD materials to improve the role of the teacher
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