• Key Stage & Curriculum Co-ordinators
  • Gifted & Talented Co-ordinators

Philosophy for Children

Step-by-step guide to using P4C immediately in your classroom

Experience first hand the enquiry process

Learn the skills of facilitation and deep questioning

Socratic strategies for all seasons and subjects

  • P4C strengthens life skills, not just knowledge uptake
  • Learn the skills and facilitation techniques to run an enquiry in your classroom

Useful for any subject, P4C teaches how to:

  • Assess reasoning
  • Evaluate sources of information
  • Defend positions
  • Judge the value of evidence
  • Define terms
  • Think critically, caringly, creatively and collaboratively

Push the first domino - P4C throughout the school system

  • Embrace the ‘Great Failing’ - how to see failure as integral to learning
  • Create the ‘Golden Lesson’ - plan learning risks and explore teaching practices
  • Generate a shared vision of P4C in the curriculum
  • Explore and amplify pupil voice

Improvements in:

  • Test scores
  • Communication skills
  • Behaviour
  • Respect and understanding
  • Social responsibility
  • Logical, critical and reflective thinking

The toolkit to stretch mental dexterity

  • 12 practical tips to advance listening skills
  • 11 ideas to enrich evaluation and assessment
  • 10 P4C avenues for your school to explore
  • 5 key processes to nurture growth mindsets

1 hour of P4C for 40 weeks will increase pupils’ IQ by 6.5 points

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