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Questions, Questions, Questions

Discover and utilise the 6 most effective questioning techniques:

  • Diagnostic questioning
  • Deep thinking questions
  • Increasing challenge
  • Responding to pupil answers
  • Questions for enquiry
  • Facilitating learning

  • Understand how questioning lies at the heart of Assessment for Learning, achievement and pupil growth

    Practical techniques to stimulate pupils' responsiveness

    Questioning in the Outstanding classroom

    • Encouraging pupils to ask questions
    • Questioning as a whole-staff focus
    • Observing good questioning in the classroom

    The power of questioning in the learning process

    • Staging questions to engage, motivate and explore
    • How to respond to pupils' answers
    • Using questioning to personalise learning
    • Managing whole-class discussion
    • Developing reasoned arguments
    • Using challenge to develop pupil resilience and confidence
    • Increase pupil attainment through making judgements and supporting conclusions

    Tools to encourage pupils to challenge ideas

    • Explore concepts through Socratic questioning techniques
    • Enhance capacity for reflection using the ASK model
    • Extend Critical Thinking skills
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