• Classroom Teachers
  • Deputy / Assistant Heads
  • Lead Practitioners

Talk Less Teaching

Keep pupils engaged, active and making progress

New ways to monitor progress and check understanding

Take away highly interactive strategies to:

  • Support independent learning
  • Monitor pupil progress
  • Encourage collaborative learning
  • Reduce lesson planning

Unveil the thinking behind reducing teacher talk

  • Vital information on how students learn
  • Consider the theory behind the method
  • Explore the latest research on pupils’ attention spans when passively listening

Talk less and mean more: the new teacher dictionary

  • Identify lesson stages most appropriate for teacher talk
  • Develop effective short and open questioning techniques
  • Build talk-less teaching into all lessons
  • Apply talk-less systems to develop pupils’ learning
  • Ensure all students are actively engaged
  • Stretch and challenge pupils by raising expectations
  • Increase interaction for better assessment

A complete toolkit for lecture-less learning

  • Talk-less approaches to teach new concepts
  • Questioning techniques to promote learning
  • Reusable lesson plans
  • Classroom management methods
  • Starter, plenary and mini-plenary activities
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