Will Ord

In school training days are most successful when the participants feel challenged, excited and can imagine the real-life benefits of the content.

Offering whole-school approaches to thinking skills, resilience and philosophy for children, Will Ord is a much sought-after presenter who has delivered inspirational and practical training to thousands of teachers in the UK.

Having worked in schools and with the DfES, the QCDA, Ofsted, SAPERE, AREIAC and Local Authorities across the country, his extensive experience and genuine passion for education are apparent in all he delivers.

Will avidly believes that the key to education is creating empowered, enthusiastic learners who achieve fantastic results due to their appetite for learning. Encouraging this passion for education lies at the heart of Will Ord’s training.

Outstanding Lessons
A practical course that will embed the best pedagogies into all lessons across your school: Including Carol Dweck’s Mindsets, John Hattie’s Visible Learning and P4C. Give your staff 6 golden lesson ideas to engage all pupils immediately.

Great Learners
Will’s top techniques proven to turn every student in your school into a Great Learner. Based on his hugely successful 2010 project, you will use the 5 minds of great learners to get your pupils questioning like Socrates, reasoning like Pythagoras, thinking like Einstein and reflecting like the Dalai Lama.

The Learning Mind and Learning to Learn
Packed full of practical ideas and activities to develop pupils’ learning capacity and memory. New ways to improve questioning and logical thinking in the ever-changing primary and secondary curricula.

Teaching Children to Think for Themselves
Show your teachers how to deliver skill-focused lessons. A packed day filled with starter games, collaborative activities, reflection tools and enquiry-based discussions.

Spirituality in Schools
Build a community of enquiry, based on respect and dignity. Explore discrete activities to ensure a whole-school approach to SMSC and learn how it can be introduced in all subjects.

Understand Mindfulness, experience Mindfulness, teach Mindfulness. A practical, proven method to create mindful learners with great results as an antidote to today’s exam systems.

Having toured twice with Carol Dweck, Will is in the perfect position to give your school the latest update on the hugely popular Mindsets theory, and provide his own take on risk, resilience, struggle and practice.

Philosophy for Children
Embed the P4C teaching technique with our step-by-step guide to immediate implementation. Teach the whole child, and allow learning to flow through questioning, discussion and critical thinking.

Philosophy for Children Level 1
Convert the P4C knowledge and skills into certified training. Learn how to audit your school’s current P4C practices and fine-tune your whole-school P4C approach. Gain a Level 1 qualification for your staff and long term ideas for success.