What is the Outstanding Teaching Intervention?
It is the use of training methods to provide a sustained improvement in teacher performance. Typically, a cohort of 5 or 10 teachers are taken through the programme for duration of between one and two terms.

Aim: To raise the standards of teaching in the cohort by one sustainable level. Satisfactory teaching becomes good, Good becomes Outstanding.

When: All training takes place during the school day and is carefully planned with you to minimise disruption and cover requirements.

How: We focus on individual teacher performance through intense input of practical ideas and by ensuring changes in classroom practice are fully implemented.

What is different about this approach?
Training will focus only on teacher development and not wider strategic and cultural issues.

The model will work as follows: –

  • 5-10 Teachers within each school would be invited to attend the training by the senior management team.
  • Meet and agree protocol and Service Level Agreements. A benchmark would then be set for those teachers in terms of their present performance.
  • The training intervention strategy programme will run.
  • Module Training.
  • Lesson Observations and videoing.
  • Feedback.
  • Celebrating and sharing of outcomes.
  • The new cohort will then begin.

The Training Intervention Strategy is made up of 3 modules:

  • Engaging Learners
  • Outstanding by Feedback
  • Questioning and the Art of Challenge